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New Article About Miniature Dog Breeds

Like a lot of other miniture dog breeds these miniature Dachunds are very affectionate and bond extremely well with their owners and family.

They love to be close to their “pack”, (which is doggy-talk for family), which can be a bit of a problem as it can often mean that they will insist on sleeping at the foot of the bed at night or even sometimes next to you so be warned!

As with many of these miniature dog breeds they have a healthy bark (as good as the full sized version), and so are good to have around the house as a deterrent to near-do-well strangers.

They can be stubborn at times but they are intelligent too - sometimes their intelligence gets in the way of their training and they just do not see why you want them to do this task THAT way. Their intelligence can have them think that THEY know better and this can be frustrating at times but is also an endearing quality of the breed so be prepared for a tough road when training them.

They have figured prominently in history being associated with the monarchy, famous military generals and other leading figures in politics.

Queen Victoria herself had a number of Daschunds over about a 40 year period, no doubt the German association (with her beloved Prince Albert),  had something to do with her love of the breed and must h………….

Take a look at my blog  to see the whole article and post your pictures and comments about your favorite miniature puppy.

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Cutie on the street

Anyone know what this miniature dog breed is? OR is he a teacup puppy!

Cute video of a miniature Pinscher
Here is an amazing bit of video showing a miniture Pinscher at a dog show in India – very cute eh – might have to be my next miniature dog breed article!

Miniature Pinscher or Min Pin is a small cute breed of the Pinscher type, originated in Germany. It is also known as the ‘Kings of the Toy Dogs’. The video is taken from a miniature dog breed dog show held in the district of Palakkad in Kerala state, India.